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Triple Jump Technologies provides a range of professional services addressing the ever changing business demands of our customers and partners. We provide the following.


Our main goal in building our Smart and Connected Venue Platform is to ensure that our customers and partners consistently find a return on their investment and unlock new commercial opportunities. Our software development teams are not only creating and managing development life cycles but also uniquely aligned with our customers, their business process and requirements. This resulting in delivering process optimisation to make digital transformation journey a success.


Building on our leading and strong development capabilities we have built a range of integrations to connect Triple Jump Technologies Smart and Connected Venues Platform with other third party systems, applications and tools you may be using. By using our integrations services, you’ll be able to maximise the utilisation of our solutions and move to a truly connected venue seamlessly, allowing greater efficiencies to your processes and fan experience.


Using data can unlock new opportunities with your venues. Collecting and understanding multiple data points from online transactions, the concourses to the most exclusive hospitality fans can create and ensures you can fulfil the full venues’ potential and enhance the fan experience. Triple Jump Technologies TrueNorth is the tool to maximise potential. With our venue specialised data scientists, we can work closely with you to reimagine venue experiences and maximise revenues.

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