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Real Time Inventory Management 

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Real Time Inventory Management 2.png

Triple Jump Technologies real time management of inventory covers the inventory process from arrival on site all the way to auditing and reconciliation. This system provides real time understanding of inventory and products availability ensuring customer service, revenues and high efficiencies.

Key Functionalities across all Areas & Operational Modes
  • 365 days systems with multi operational modes

  • Multiple par levels

  • Reporting and Dashboards

  • Back office configuration of menus

  • Stock counts, wastage, Stock to cash

  • Stock app

Real Time Event Management 

Real Time Event Management 1.png

Real Time Event Management enables an integration across Triple Jump Platform and with other mission critical systems to consolidate, collect and represent key operational and financial information to address issues and highlight commercial opportunities before and after operational days but most critically in real time.

Real Time Event Management 2.png
Key Functionalities across all Areas & Operational Modes
  • Centralised aggregation from all transaction points

  • Centralised reporting and dashboards

  • Revenue Recognition and P&L

  • Reporting for Finance, Operations and commercial functions

  • Real time KPIs

  • Analytics

  • Revenue Assurance

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